Eliminating Fear From Finance

We help control your cash, so your business doesn't control you

Accounting isn’t always easy, but it’s simple. Our mission is to ensure clients are not held back from growing, scaling or hitting their goals due to poor cash management.


Problems We Solve


Cash Flow

Your Profit and Loss Report is just the tip of the iceberg. Credit card payments, vehicle and equipment loans, and vendor/supplier bills all need to be considered to ensure you are running a profit generating machine. 


Fear of Audit

You don’t have to worry about getting on the IRS’s bad side. We focus on quality financial controls first. Documenting audit trails, saving receipts, and maintaining clear and accurate financial records will take the weight off your shoulders and make tax filing a breeze. 


Job Costing

We will review your financial reports to help determine profit opportunities you can take advantage of in your business. By digging into labor, materials, overhead, and debts, we can help adjust your mark up’s to help you estimate more accurately and ultimately run your business more profitably.

Is PPCFO Right For Me?

Determine if we are the right fit for you. At ProfitPanda CFO our clients possess the following attributes:


Proactive Communication. Our clients communicate with us proactivelyAppreciation. We appreciate each others time and effortsNever Settle. Our clients are looking to grow, scale, and evolveDestroy the Industry. Our clients are looking for a BETTER wayActive Engagement. We want you to be engaged and present 


Proven Process


Financial Accuracy

Having accurate and clear financial reports is the basis of all of our other advanced reporting. We first start by restoring accuracy to your bookkeeping and accounting systems. 



Once we are looking at accurate data, it’s time to formulate a game plan. We help determine what profit opportunities you are missing out on, and help build KPI’s and tracking


Establish Goals

Establish what you WANT from your business now that it is building cash. Are you interested in selling your company? Building for legacy? Or just want a profit generating machine.



We update and maintain your financial reports each week to ensure you always have a pulse on your business. Through KPI scorecards, advanced dashboards, and financial reporting.


Pricing Plans

Bookkeeping Only

Starting At


Per Month

Fractional CFO Only

Flat Fee


Per Month

Bookkeeping + Fractional CFO

Starting At


Per Month


A La Carte Packages

We custom create packages based on your individual needs and goals. Add any A la Carte service to your package to streamline your companies financial operations.


Per Month

Ap Management

Code + Pay Vendor + Supplier Invoices in Bill.com

Improve Job Costing Accuracy


Per Process


Dedicated Payroll Department

Direct Deposit or Mailed checks(overnight)


Per Hour

Special Projects

Projects outside of our scope of work will be billed at a flat hourly rate. Your According Team will reach out to discuss details before starting hourly rate


Our Team