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The Strategy Board was created to help build long-term success for ProfitPanda clients by getting access to experts on how to grow your business beyond the numbers. There are so many aspects to success in business, and we wanted to provide our clients with an industry-setting standard on the help they need when needed.
Each of these board members has extensive experience running companies and coaching 100s of business owners along the way, allowing ProfitPanda to bring next-level support to our clients so as their financial success increases, they have better insight into what to do next.
Understand that each of these board members has their own experience and knowledge and is meant to bring a unique perspective to give you more information when making the best decisions for you and your business. The more ideas and information you have, the better equipped you are to execute at the highest level possible!

Madeline Stout

Mike Claudio

I have spent the last 17 years not just selling products and services but learning how to go out and actually develop business, create routines and consistency, develop discipline, and make a bigger impact on those around me then just money!

My sales and management career started in retail with Verizon Wireless before working in their enterprise business to business sales team. During my time in Corporate America, I was given some of the best training in the world and really developed an obsession-like energy for consistency, communication and the client experience.

While my formal training is in the corporate setting, I’ve always been pulled towards smaller companies where I could work with entrepreneurs to help them bring big changes to grow their business. I was a great salesman, but I found my love and passion for the people, processes and services of the construction industry. When I was given the opportunity to work with a residential general contracting business in Charlotte, I jumped at the idea of using my experiences and training to help create a sales and client management system specific for this market.

I have proven my system and processes to Identify, Target, Qualify and Acquire clients works. With a heavy focus on communication, follow-through, and follow-up I believe any company can increase sales and profits and I want to be the one to help you do that!

I brought massive success to companies I worked for but want to help more business owners get out of the daily grind and develop a business that worked for them instead of wearing them out. Since starting WinRate Consulting I have helped hundreds of paying clients and 10’s of thousands of business owners through my free online content on my podcast and YouTube channel.

I have been on dozens of stages and spoken in front of thousands of people to get the message across that YOU can be different and YOU can dream bigger and YOU can make it come to life! At this point I am 100% confident I can help any size business improve, I can help any owner or leader create better habits and a more disciplined life, and I can change the culture of a company into a place people want to work instead of constant frustrations and lack of buy in!

Sam Kaufman

Sam Kaufman is an entrepreneur, leader, husband and father of 2. He is a firm believer that we must never stop building ourselves in our businesses, homes, and self.

Sam started out as a sole proprietor cabinet installer in a van and grew to 7 figures in under 3 years. He has operated businesses in multiple cities and is an avid core value implementer, standard operating procedure creator, and team builder. That cabinet installation business became a kitchen and bath remodeling business, a design company, and a retail flooring store in under 6 years.

Sam is passionate about growth and improvement. A natural leader he is deeply passionate about helping other business owners become the BEST versions of themselves and sees a better future for the home services industry.

Nate Griffin

Nate Griffin is an entrepreneur with background in finance and business management. Over the last 10 years, he has built successful companies. One of which is now a multi-million dollar design build construction company. He has been around the construction industry his entire life.

Nate has a passion for helping people change their relationship to money through their business and finances. With a thorough understanding of cash flow, finance, and investing, Nate wants to share his experience to help others move into the CEO role of their own companies and lives.

Nate lives in Wilkesboro, NC with his wife, Lydia. He loves the outdoors, wakeboarding,cool cars, and great coffee.
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